Reviews of "Almost Down In New Orleans"


Ray Jackson (Ex Lindisfarne): Had a good listen to the album and was taken with quite a few tracks, particularly Vicious, Blue Monday, and New Orleans. Great versions all three, but my choice to review has to be Bit Of Your Love, as follows: Bit of Your Love has always been a favourite song of mine from first hearing the the Undertakers version featuring Jackie Lomax. The Juncos have produced a fine version of this, showing the great vocal talent of Ron Barker and the sympathetic backing voices of John Anderson and Charlie Harcourt. There are keen guitar solos from both Charlie and Ken on this track, interspersed with punchy tenor sax from Justin Radford. The whole track is driven along by the rock solid rhythm section. Memories of Newcastle Ago Go Club come flooding back.


Bob Sargeant (Record Producer with 25 top twenty hits to his credit): I have chosen "SO FINE" to review Strange? Possibly. This Johnny Otis song is the perfect vehicle for showing off Ronnie Barker's bluesy vocal. (The outro puts John Lee Hooker to mind) He always has had one of the best R&B voices in the North East and his delivery on this is spot on. Solid and infectious shuffle beat is courtesy of Mr.Woods and Mr.Sproat it so reminds me of the first time I saw the band at the Whitley Bay' 65. Hard to choose a single track off this album but with tight back up vocals from John and Charlie along with sympathetic great guitar instrumentation and sax, it certainly does it for me. The Juncos certainly underpinned my musical career. Swingin 60's boys? Always were and always will be!"


BBC Radio's Henry Ayrton: 'Yer actual time served veterans. I saw them in the late 60's on stage playing with Howlin Wolf and Freddie King Its a great thing they are still together and sounding so Good,,,, their sparky version on a Gary Bonds Hit needs no introduction - from their very welcome New Album 'Almost Live in New Orleans. it's the best album of theirs I have listened to.


Informer Magazine December 2007: A new album by the Junco's and probably their best one yet ....... If they really lived in their spiritual home New Orleans they would probably have a street named after them ......Ronnie Barkers performance is the best I have ever heard him on record, relaxed and thoughtful. John Anderson's vocal delivery is very good ............. The sheer energy, delivery and quality suggest a band in their 30's, not a band from the '60's - but hey if the Stones can still cut it then the Juncos are in the same race.


The Crack Magazine January 2008: The Junco Partners return with a brilliant new album which is chock full of their brand of rhythm and blues goodness: soulful with melodies abounding and dusted with the spirit of rock and roll. Everyone from Lou Reed (Vicious) to Fats Domino (Blue Monday) are given the Junco treatment and the result is a block-rocking treat.


BBC Radio's Doctor Rock: We will be playing the track 'Something You Got' from your new cd, on the Dr Rock Show due to be broadcast on the 13th Jan '08. Dr Rock says he loves the album and would like to know your availability for coming in to the show.


BBC Paddy MacDee: Really enjoyed the chat with John and got quite a few calls from people about the old days! Will certainly be playing more tracks on the show.


From a long standing Fan Keith Chatton (aka Billy Sneddon): I have been going to gigs for almost 35 years and have followed the Juncos for 30 of them. You are MY band. I've seen Zeppelin, Springsteen, Police, you name 'em, I've seen 'em, but if I was asked to name my favourite band of all time, the Partners would get my vote, that's how high you stand in my estimation and I'm sure that I'm not alone in saying that, just for the sheer pleasure and entertainment you've given me since I first set foot in the Plainsman in July 1977. The 5 day Windows sell out and the number of YouTube clip views prove that I'm not alone in my adulation. In closing, may I just say that I'm glad that "All that you Dream" was included on "Almost Down in New Orleans". This has been a cornerstone of live performances for as long as I can remember, and a personal request at a great deal of them. Phil Sutcliffe of Sounds magazine reviewing a Cooperage gig once praised the " Geordie mule kick directness" that the Juncos leant to that dixie original and the hard, yet vulnerable roaring blues vocal supplied by Ronald S.Barker." All of the output on the new disc is very good and excellently produced, but it's the Little Feat track that's the great feat for me.