Junco Partners

The Junco Partners Album was recorded in various big London studios for "Barclay" record label over a six week period in between touring in 1969 with Howlin Wolf, Freddie King and others. It was released in England, France and Germany after the band split up in 1970. At the time of recording, the band was a very slim four piece, renown for its dynamic live performances and gave its all to Bob Sargeant's songs.

But truthfully we still didn't capture the essence of what we were when we started out, or what we are now - "A bloody good blues band". However it did awakened Bob Sargeant's recording and producing prowess - he went on to produce number 1's on both sides of the Atlantic, including more than twenty top 20 hits and on reflection the songs are not that bad either.


CD Tracks List:
1.The Minotaur (B.Sargeant)
2.Fly Me High (B.Sargeant)
3.Change In Louise (J.Cocker/C.Stainton)
4.Black Widow (B.Sargeant)
5.Help Me (C.Harcourt)
6.Natural Thoughts (B.Sargeant)
7.Am I Blue (B.Sargeant)
8.Reprieve (B.Sargeant)
9.In The Morning (B.Sargeant)
10.Death By Fire (P.Rowan)