When the roof of your building starts to fail, it can be a recipe for a disaster. The roof is the first line of protection and defense against the elements, so a substandard roof could result in expensive water damage. This may very well affect your company and your capability to serve your customers, impacting your bottom-line as well. When you see indicators that your roof needs to be tended, make sure not to delay. Instead, consult a roofing expert to address the situation right away. Check out the following signs that your commercial building needs to be replaced: 

Old age 

Consider the age of your roof. This is one of the factors that you need to take into account as you determine when is the best time to restore your roof and do some roofing repairs. If your roof is already more than 25 years, perhaps you already have to think about having it re-roofed and make sure to have it inspected for signs of damage from time to time.  

Clogged drains 

Once the roofing drains will be clogged, it’s commonly because of the roof that needs to be restored, maintained, or being in disrepair. If you can sense that you have this roofing issue, contact one of the best roofing companies Saint John NB right away for your roofing issues to be mended right away.  

Blisters and bubbles 

Blistering and bubbling are also major indicators that your roof needs to be checked and requires more attention. This could mean that the material beneath your roofing has been damaged, and now is the time to get your building re-roofed.  

Loose shingles 

Try to search for loose roofing materials, such as missing or lose shingles to know whether it’s time to have your roof repaired. You even might see roofing material or shingles on the ground every now and then.  

Musty odor 

Water damage is associated with a is a distinguishing musty smell. If you can smell it out of or in your building, then make sure to contact your trusted roofer today and have your roof checked. 


If your roof has any sagging, spongy, or soft spots, it can indicate that your roofing material has integrity issue. Chances are moisture has infiltrated your roof shingles, resulting in water damage. 

Boost in utility bills 

Take time to observe your energy bills every month. A poorly repaired or substandard roofing will usually result in a drastic increase in cooling or heating costs. Inspect your bills and check the condition of your roof today. 

Water damage indoors  

As soon as you observe interior water damage, such as stains or spots on the walls or ceilings, you must get your roof checked for damage. If it fails to keep the moisture and rain out, you could encounter issues when you don’t quickly address it.  

Call the commercial roofers  

If your building requires commercial roofing services, think about the signs we provided above. If you can observe most or many of these, do not hesitate to request your chosen roofer to have your roof replaced ASAP.