Industry and business are major consumers of energy, hence, it’s just reasonable for them to reassess their energy practices—not only for the environment but also for their personal bottom line. It does not matter if you are a small, medium, or large business, perhaps you could save more if you follow the inexpensive methods to be energy-efficient.  


Eliminate energy leaks 

Get rid of energy leaks such as windows and doors left open, doors with no draft seals, and uninsulated walls. Some of the instances that your business could be wasting energy may include poor maintenance of your cooling and heating appliances. For instance, your heaters, air conditioners, and thermostat must be well-maintained and you should replace faulty parts with the help of a registered Limerick electrician. 

Leverage natural lighting 

For any workplace, natural lighting can really be a great power saver. One way to achieve and bring in more natural light include windows and skylights. You can also encourage your employees to draw the blinds up during daytime and turn on the lights if it becomes too dark to work.  

Change to CFL or LED 

Lighting is actually consumes most of your energy expenses. If you are still utilizing halogen or incandescent light bulbs, this is the time when you need to switch to CFL light bulbs or LEDs. Such kinds of light bulbs consume a small energy and last longer compared to conventional light bulbs.    

Switch to laptops 

You can cut back more than half of your energy consumptions from computers in your office if you use laptops instead. If you’re not down for this, you can purchase smaller monitors and you can still save some bills. Also, opt for ink jet printers since they are more efficient in comparison to laser jet printers. Before you buy some, make sure to do some research about them for you to know whether it’s energy efficient or not.  

Reduce cooling and heating 

You need to minimize the cooling and heating by some degrees without affecting the comfort within your office. During the winter season, set your thermostat several degrees lower than the usual. In the summer, make sure to program your air conditioners a few degrees higher from what you usually have. The energy you can save using this method could be massive over time even just for a couple of months. Your employees won’t probably see the changes, which is great.  

Enforce power-off and lights-off policies 

If you leave your lights on and computers on standby overnight in your empty office, it can certainly drain your business massively. Enforcing power-off and lights-off policies is a straightforward yet usually neglected way of saving power. To do this, you can put some reminder notes on noticeboards and stickers on switches to remind your stall always about this energy-saving tip. Moreover, you can send regular email reminders to all of your employees to guarantee that they adhere to these polices. 

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