Almost Live

"Amid the Junco's humorous repartee and general mayhem, are some classic tracks including -Rocky Mountain Way, Mexico, Chicago, Bring it on Home, Railroad, Dust, Bridge, USA, Cocaine".

A great live performance by the tightest R'n'B band around captured at last on CD, shows how the Juncos gained the respect of the great "Howlin Wolf" and "Freddie King" three decades ago and more recently, "Robert Palmer", "Jimmy Nail" and "Sting" and why they regularly blow away all the competition.


CD Tracks List:
1.Rock Me Mama (Morganfield)
2.Jesus Just Left Chicago (Gibbons/Beard/Hill)
3.Bringing It Back From Mexico (J.J.Cale)
4.Don't Burn Down The Bridge (Jones/Wells)
5.Rocky Mountain Way (Walsh/Vitale/Grace/Passarelli)
6.Cocaine (J.J.Cale)
7.Hoochie Coochie Man (W.Dixon)
8.Back In The U.S.A. (C. Berry)
9.Bring It On Home (Cooke)
10.Workin On The Railroad (Trad.)
11.Dust My Blues (James)